February 22, 2012

Mexico – Cuncunul

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I guess hardly anyone heard of such a town, but it is on the way back from Chichen Itza to Valladolid. We noticed a street from the main highway going deeper into some Maya pueblo and decided to drive into it and walk around. Here is the main square:

As all town squares it has a Municipal building and a Church:

It also has a cenote. but a fenced one, without stairs, not developed:

And several fenced streets:

Some houses are very poor and shabby, some are not bad at all, all intermixed , not like in the US divided into very distinguished rich areas and poor areas:

Notice the nice metal works on the windows. In those pueblos two things amazed me most – #1:their passion for colors and diligence in painting their fences, houses, poles, trees, whatever:

Notice here under the palm tree – even the lines between stones in the wall are painted green…

And #2: they are never short of concrete…This will better be illustrated in the following blogs, so continue with  me on this amazing trip!

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